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Route Marking



TIME:  10h00 to 15h00 

It’s the most demanding of the positions on offer.  Batrun is made up of a complex array of trail and roads, to get runners home requires a special presentation of wayfinding. Marking is not only about hanging a few flags out on the trail, but putting yourself in an exhausted runners shoes and mapping out a legible path to follow. 



We are looking for fit and strong persons.

If you love spending time on the mountain and have free time we need your help marking out the Batrun route.

Race Registration


TIME:  15h30 to 18h00

Mandatory Gear Checks, Issuing Race Numbers and Runners Packs



TIME:  17h00 for approx 5 hours


Once the route is set it does not mean it stays that way. Weather conditions, kids who like bright shiny things etc. can all contribute to damage which gets runners lost. It is therefore important that all is cross-checked beforehand. As a Forerunner you will be responsible for pre-checking a section and making any necessary fixes and touch ups by setting off 2 hours before the field’s expected arrival. 



Strong, fit and experienced mountain runners who (with a head start) can stay ahead of some talented speedsters. You need to study and know your section well. We will go through the route and give you the lowdown on how to mark.  



Saturday 23 February & Sunday 24 February 2019  (appox 10 hours)

Sweeping has two primary functions.

1. to clear the trails of route markings and accidental rubbish that may have been dropped and

2. to stay in constant communication with Race HQ via radio and assist runners.



Anyone with mountain experience who wants to get some miles in their legs and experience the Batrun route. The pace will be slower at the back so it is a fun night out. You will carry a tracker and radio, some basic Radio Operation Experience is useful as HQ will be communicating with you. 

Route Marshals

Saturday 23 February  (appox 5 hours)

We need race marshals to direct runners and vehicle traffic at key intersections throughout the day where runners will cross busy streets. Marshals are also required on the mountain and at key trail heads intersections.  

Aid Stations

Saturday 23 February from 18:30 tilll 02:00 Sunday 24 February 2019


Batrun has one Aid Station servicing runners twice on the route, it's situated below Platteklip Gorge in the little wooden hut. Typically it's a haven for runners along the route. We expect staff to be active for 5 hours.   

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